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Roll Insulation

Blown-In Fiberglass Insulation

Blow in Insulation

     Blown Insulation is one of the most cost-effective, energy conservation measures you can take. Also known as loose fill, blown-in insulation is often the first choice in attic retrofit projects and is now used in all new construction projects because of its affordability and effectiveness. An attic re-blow is when new insulation is blown into the attic on top of the existing insulation to gain a greater R-value. Re-blowing an attic can greatly help in controlling heating and air conditioning costs throughout the year.  We offer many types of loose fill such as CertainTeed, Owens Corning Pro Pink, and Knauf Jet Stream.  All of which would be a great fit for your home.

Batt Fiberglass Insulation

Batt Insulation

     Fiberglass batts are high-quality flexible products made from mineral fibers and are used in construction applications for thermal and acoustical insulation of walls, ceilings & floors. CertainTeed Smart Batt with Moisture Sense Technology is a revolutionary way to help create healthier homes by intelligently addressing moisture. Outdoor air, when heated to indoor temperatures, will generally be dryer than the air indoors. Thus, increased ventilation, and proper insulation will reduce the amount of moisture in the air and, as a result, lower the amount of condensation.  The cause should be located and corrected. We carry a line of solar powered attic fans that are humidity and thermostatically controlled that will eliminate this problem. Read more about our fans below. 

Radiant Barrier for attics

Radiant Barrier

    Radiant barrier insulation is a reflective insulation system that offers a permanent way to reduce energy costs. Radiant barrier insulation reflects heat energy instead of trying to absorb it. A pure aluminum radiant barrier will reflect 97%+ of the radiant heat entering your attic and then your living area. The barriers consist of a highly reflective material that reflects radiant heat.  Radiant barriers can be combined with many types of insulation materials in reflective insulation systems. In these combinations, radiant barriers can act as the thermal insulation's facing material. Paired with blow-in fiberglass insulation in your attic drastically lowers the heat transfer from your attic, into your home. 

Fiberglass Roll Insulation

Roll Insulation

  •      The R-13 Kraft Faced roll can be easily cut to fit in between the studs and joists of your home. GREENGUARD Gold certified and verified to be Formaldehyde free. Thermal insulation performance helps lower monthly heating / cooling costs. Roll Insulation helps control sound; add to bedrooms, home office, family room, utility room, kitchen, bathroom and can be combined with Foamular Insulating Sheathing to achieve greater R-value in exterior wall application.

  • Open and Closed Cell Spray Foam

    Spray Foam Insulation

        There is no better home insulating material that can seal your home from air and moisture intrusion, save on costly utility bills, strengthen your home, and protect your family’s health from dangerous mold, airborne pollutants, and allergens than Spray Foam Insulation. Energy efficiency is a top consideration among homeowners in the market for insulation and  spray foam can help reduce heating and cooling costs by up to 50%.

    Mold Prevention system for all wet areas in your new home

    Mold Prevention

           FortiCel™ is a protective coating solution that helps to prevent the growth of mold on the structural framing surfaces of new homes. Available exclusively through CertainTeed, FortiCel is professionally applied to the interior wall cavity during construction, or renovation before the insulation is installed.  Mold spores are present in everyday life, and the possibility of growth occurs as we use our homes and everyday moisture is introduced. Unnecessary damage to the structural framing of your home can be prevented by adding this affordable and potentially life saving product. Apply FortiCel TM and know that your most prized possessions, your family and home are protected. 

    Clean out old insulation, any pest droppings and sanitize

    Insulation Removal

          If your insulation has been exposed to moisture it could potentially be growing mold. Mold will cause the insulation to break down and is very hazardous to your health. Another common issue in many households is "pests" they will get in your insulation and call it home, leaving all their waste and terrible smells in your attic. We provide a service that will remove all their waste, and smells by removing all insulation and spraying an antibacterial/fragrance throughout the attic. If you are experiencing either of these issues or you just want to redo your insulation we can help. Removing old insulation gives us the opportunity to seal any and all openings, cracks, crevices, and holes eliminating entry paths of pests and creating a better thermal envelope.

    30 Watt Solar Powered attic fans

    Solar Powered Attic Fans

       A natural and cost effective way to keep your home and attic cool! Listed here are 5 good reasons to install a solar fan on your roof.

    1. Increases the performance of your HVAC system!
    2. Increases the life of your roof!
    3. Takes the heat load off your insulation!
    4. Reduces moisture levels in your home!
    5. Reduces moisture levels in your attic all year long

    There are paragraphs of information for each of the reasons listed above, but we just don't have the room. Basically, these fans are going to keep air moving, and pulling hot air out of your attic lowering the humidity so that your a/c equipment doesn't produce moisture due to the drastic difference in temperature between your air ducts and the temperature in the attic. They also help by reducing the heat load on your a/c equipment, and your roof that will extend the life of both. Listed below are specifications of our Solar powered attic fan.

    1. 30 watt
    2. Move 1550 Cubic feet of air per minute
    3. Galvanized steel construction
    4. Adjustable panel
    5. Corrosion resistant Powder Coated in Black and Weathered Wood (will match any roof)
    6. Humidity controlled
    7. Thermostatically controlled
    8. Once installed you receive a 30% tax credit

    Optional Accessories

    Remote 30 watt solar panel

    110 - volt Hybrid solar adapter so that you may hard wire it in. Once it runs out of solar energy it will kick over to electrical and once it has solar power available it will switch back.

    Keep your a/c in your house.

    Draft Master Attic Stair Insulator

    In most homes your a/c return is very close to your attic stairs causing a very serious problem. Attic stairs are never sealed up properly and usually have a pretty decent gap going all the way around. This is not good because when your a/c equipment is running your return is constantly pulling hot air out of your attic. Why is this a bad thing you might ask, it's bad because your a/c equipment senses that hot air which will cause it to run more than it should, reducing it's life. The Draft Master Attic Stair Insulator is an affordable way to stop this problem for good. It also keeps any bad smells that may be in your attic from entering your home!